Thursday, July 09, 2009

summer cold

The worst time to have a cold is during wonderfully warm, sunny weather. While snuffling and snorfling and feeling chills and sweats, I prefer to look out the window and see grey and rain and blowy wind - snotty weather just like the way I am feeling. So it's kind of good that I'm on vacation at home, and I caught a cold and it rained on the days that I had a cold. But not that good, because Andy's on vacation too, and he's missing having fun with me, and also going to the beach in the sun, which is what he likes to do when he is on vacation.

So far we have coped with the weather and my cold by doing the relaxing/errand/hanging out things that are good to do on vacation. I spent most of Monday (my sickest day) working on the order of service for this coming Sunday at church, when I will fill in for our vacationing minister. I still have to develop a story for the children's time, and write a sermon (doesn't everyone write the sermon on Saturday?) but I've got the rest of the service ready to go - music, prayers etc. Fi and I watched Inkheart on Shaw on Demand video. It was okay, and a good way to slug out on the couch for a while. Alex got a filling in his tooth. Fi had friends over for a sleepover.

Andy has gone out a bit without me, and also spent time with me doing low key things. We bought pesos for our Mexico trip, and shopped for a few vacation items (shorts for him, dresses for me). We also enjoyed a surprise visit from Glasgow cousins, who stopped in for a cup of tea on their way to the airport, and ended up staying for half a day and a family supper. All of these things have towed me along sturdily, out of the murk of cold. We had sandwich making night at the church on Wednesday, and only 4 of my usual crew of 8-10 sandwich-makers were available, so I had to show up, and we power-sliced and turbo-built our 100+ sandwiches. It was hard work, but we got it done, and I drove the sandwiches to the mission in the sunshine this morning. I am feeling better.

Four days left before I return to work. The sun is poking in and out of the clouds. My throat is still a bit scratchy, but my energy is better. Let's let go of the summer cold and bring on the sunshine. I want to walk around the lake tomorrow with Dad (belated Father's Day).

question: what do you do when you have a cold?

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