Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ratty the baby rat returns too!

Dear friend Cathy wrote on my facebook wall on Friday:

"Unbelievabley Good News .... Baby Rat has come home too! Susan, you know how bad I felt telling you that Baby Rat had been taken .... I tore my suitcase apart. Terry, took down suitcases for our trip ..... and he found Baby Rat! Somehow he made his way back from Nova Scotia to Port Moody in two years! I wonder if I was so stressed about thinking I lost him that I didn't see him against the black lining ... yet I know we've used the suitcases since! I am elated ... I can only imagine your level of happiness!"

A couple of years ago, Cathy took Nelson and Ratty to the Maritimes for a vacation. On the way home, Ratty disappeared. We thought maybe he defected, or was abducted, or just went on his own Ratty way. Nelson was consoled only by a brief but healing romance with Petunia the albino rat. Now Ratty has returned! Cathy found him in her suitcase when she began packing for a trip to Las Vegas.

Nelson, Ratty and Cathy are so happy they are celebrating. Nelson and Ratty will join Cathy on the trip to Vegas. This is a special treat because I have vowed never to go to Las Vegas. So this is Nelson and Ratty's chance.

Watch for photos from the big giant place in the desert. Thanks Cathy for finding our little baby rat friend, and for taking him and Nelson along with you on your vacation. Thanks also to Terry, Karen and Wayne who will share hospitality with our little rodent friends. (hint: don't let them near the slot machines!)

question: what do you think happened to baby rat? was he in the suitcase all this time, or is the story more interesting?

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