Thursday, July 09, 2009

did I dream it? or was it real?

I can't find it on youtube, which leads me to doubt my own conviction that it was not a hallucination seen in a moment of head cold induced delerium. Here's what I thought I saw:

Homer Simpson sneaks into a Sleazy Hotel (that's what the hotel is called) with a woman in a hat and fur coat. Inside the hotel room, he drops the clothing to the floor to reveal that he has actually disguised a whole skewer of donair meat as a woman. It's a 30 lb chunk of gooey, greasy, drippy meat, which he proceeds to nuzzle, snuggle and devour. There's a montage of scenes of Homer and the donair in the hotel room - on the bed, on the floor, in the shower - with Homer guzzling the donair the whole time.

Has anyone else seen this? Did I imagine it? I hope not - it was tremendously funny.

question: have you seen the Homer Simpson hotel room donair scene?

mompoet - just wondering


Fi said...

That's real, Mom.
Either that or we're both having the same crazy dreams.

mompoet said...

Thanks Fi. Either way, I feel much better.