Saturday, June 21, 2008

the wart chronicles - end of week 1

My foot has hurt less this week than last, even though I have been walking everywhere. I think it's psychological. Now that I know it's just a wart, it is minimized in my mind (exept when I obsess about it on my blog and refer to it in my facebook status line). The plantar wart is still there, and just as big. I got it frozen last Saturday with liquid nitrogen at the doctor's, then wore duct tape over it all week. This morning I took the duct tape off. The only difference that I have noted is that it is smelly under the duct tape. Really smelly.

Here's wikipedia's thoughts on plantar warts.

And here's ehow's advice.

I just might write a poem for my wart this week.

On the practical side of things, I will return to the doctor for another jolt of foot-freeze, and also reapply the duct tape. By the way, don't eat that partial potato in the fridge. It's not very nice.

question: do you know a cure?

mompoet - visitor in my shoe


Lazy Daisy said...

Time cures all things. Limping along with you in spirit. I'm looking forward to you waxing poetical over your wart.

Muhd Imran said...

Hope it will be cured eventually and soon.

Never knew about a cure... I don't know if I have them warts too on my feet.

Thanks for the link that gives tips to avoid getting one.

Lynn Valley Girl said...

Alex had a planter's wart when he was about 8 I think. He had to go to the clinic and have it treated the same way. It was very painful for him.
Someone then told us just to put duct tape on it (like you have) and then it seemed to magically fall off one day never to reappear!