Sunday, June 15, 2008

commencement ceremony

Alex's class of 360 students graduated from high school this weekend. The commencement ceremony was held at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver. It was a long evening (3 1/2 hours) but beautifully done. My Mom and Dad came with us to watch the first of their grandchildren cross the stage in cap and gown.

Alex won a bursary from the Parent Advisory Council at the school. This was a delightful surprise for him and for us. It feels great to be recognized, and the $500 will help toward first term tuition.

Here are some of the photos. I'll have a few more soon.

question: where did you have your commencement?

mompoet - proud mompoet


Lynn Valley Girl said...

It was a lovely evening indeed and I feel proud and emotional.
My grad "ceremony" was held at the high school without cap and gown but it was just as special then as it is to the grads today.

Muhd Imran said...


Definitely a proud moment for Alex and you all as a family. And that bursary is a bonus for his hard work.

I didn't have mine after leaving high school... no cap and gown. Just a certificate received after lining-up to the desk when the national results were out. Sigh.