Saturday, June 07, 2008

fret and fuss

I am famous for not worrying (much). I sleep well, and instantly. I work hard to make things go well, but when they don't, I find a way to deal with it. I do not crane my neck to watch for the bus. The bus will arrive when it arrives, whether I turkey-gawk for it, or relax and just be there.

So when do I fret, I notice it. And I'm fretting now, over some small but important things:

  • when will I get over this low-grade cold? I don't like feeling 86%. I like 100% (prognosis - unknown)
  • will Alex get his high school commencement ceremony night off work? He asked for the night off a long time ago, but was told that the schedule for that date wasn't ready, then he asked again earlier this week, and too many people in his department already have asked for that night off. He's working on a solution with his manager, but still has not been promised the night off. (prognosis - it looks pretty good he thinks. we'll know for sure on Wednesday)
  • is my car okay? It's making a sound underneath like when the toaster oven vibrates and rattles. I talked to our mechanic today and he reassured me it's probably an exhaust rattle which can be fixed for $0 to $30. I'll take the car to him one day this week for an actual look and fix. (prognosis - Monday or Tuesday this will be taken care of)
  • will the kids make the school year end transition okay? It's time for final exams, awards ceremonies, dance recital, then suddenly nothing, no school for two months. Intellectually and from experience, I know they'll be fine, but I always think that the transition is a difficult one for them - work work work, study study study - STOP! (prognosis - get over it mom. They have handled it before, and they will be fine again this time)
  • why am I losing things? This week I lost (and found) my umbrella and two sets of work keys - the keys to the building and the barbeque keys. All are found, safe and sound, but I don't like it when I lose things. (prognosis - you are losing things because you are distracted. Find your focus and you will be more consistent with putting things away where they belong, and bringing them with you when you take them out of where they belong)
With so much going on in the world, you'd think I'd fret over something of consequence, but here I am fretting over things like snot and keys and exhaust rattles. I guess I don't really have anything to worry about. But still, I fret. Luckily not frequently.

The fret storm will pass.

question: do you fret?

mompoet - what a waste of energy


Muhd Imran said...

Yes, I admit it. I fret about little things too. Things that are of no worldly-benefits... just mine.

Little things we fret makes us more efficient and improve ourselves little by little without us knowing it.

In retrospect we don't fret over the old things anymore... most probably we have found resolution.

Pearl said...

picture the kids surrounding you costumed at the trix bunny saying silly rabbit, frets are for guitars.

that help?