Monday, June 02, 2008

movie talk

I was chatting with my friend Lynn on Sunday, and I told her how Alex said that the movie theatre was much easier to clean up after Indiana Jones opening night than it was after the opening of the new movie Sex and the City.


Lynn: Oh! I saw that movie this weekend!

mompoet: I never watched the TV show, so I'll probably skip the movie. How did you like it? Is it worth seeing?

Lynn: Yes, we liked it. I don't know about that part with the aliens, though. And the fire ants were really scary. I had to close my eyes.

(mompoet is picturing one of the Sex and the City girls dating an alien, then being eaten by fire ants)

mompoet: Really!

Lynn: I can't stand parts like that. But it was exciting and full of action. I wonder if he does his own stunts.

(mompoet thinking that this is a bit easier to reconcile with her idea of the movie but still...)

mompoet: You're talking about Indiana Jones, right? I thought you meant Sex and the City.

(Lynn and mompoet laughing)

question: what do you talk about when the person you are talking to is talking about something else?

mompoet - partially disconnected, but still trying


Muhd Imran said...

Wow! Talk about movies...

I just watched the latest Rambo on rental DVD.

The story line isn't as convincing as the previous ones, yet there were so much violence and gory scenes which made it rated as M18.

I was sad to see Rambo so... fat, but at his age, he still is fitter and has more muscles than I hoped to have.

Don't worry, it always happens to my group of friends too. Like you, we end up laughing when we're all finally aligned.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

how's it going?
I liked the conversation :)