Monday, June 16, 2008

the wart chronicles - the beginning

On Saturday the doctor told me I have a plantar wart. It is on the ball of my foot below the base of my big toe. It hurts like a something-or-other with a very bad name and evil intentions. It hurts when I walk. It hurts when I rest. It hurts when I eat ice cream. It hurts when I sneeze. It hurts when I talk about it. It hurts when I ignore it. Ibuprofen helps a bit. A lot of ibuprofen, a little bit.

Doctor zapped it with liquid nitrogen on Saturday. I will go see the doctor every few days and get more liquid nitrogen. If it's like my university experience with the same problem, it will be lot of time and a lot of liquid nitrogen before this thing goes away.

In the meantime, I will try duct tape. Here is an article explaining one foot-person's experience with plantar warts and the duct tape saviour.

I will chronicle my wart war. There may be photos. There will be vivid descriptions. If you don't like it, just avoid the posts with "wart" in the title. That's your warting, or warning, as the case may be. Warting, this post is about the wart.

The wart will become my parasitic twin until it expires, then it will be dead mutant skin cells, transformed to host a virus, then expelled, perhaps by liquid nitrogen, perhaps by duct tape. And now for some photos of people who have probably never had warts.

one and two



and some who definitely have had warts





question: do you know of the duct tape remedy? do you recommend it?

mompoet - wart warrior (just now imagining Angelina Jolie putting duct tape on Brad Pitt's wart)

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