Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This Christmas - some good

Good about Christmas this year:
  • Everyone has a nice long break from school and work. Andy, the kids and I are all home for many days.
  • Not too much stress leading up to Christmas - not a lot of shopping or cleaning or decorating - just enough of each thing.
  • A WHITE CHRISTMAS! Just enough snow to be beautiful but walking and driving was unimpeded.
  • Beautiful Christmas supper at Andy's Mom's house. She's such a good host and cook. We all helped with the serving and cleanup. She was surprised and delighted to go into her kitchen after and see everything washed and put away.
  • Lots of dark chocolate.
  • Lots of good movies.
  • Christmas Eve Service at our church was inspiring. A new arrangement of O Holy Night by our friend and sympony viola-player Steve. He and Shelley played (viola and organ) while Carlan sang - a new sound to a Christmas tradition at our church.
  • The kids love the Wii. So does Andy. I love reading while they play with the Wii.
  • Cozy, warm, peaceful, yummy, safe, happy, together.
Not as good about Christmas this year:
  • My mom expected to be home from the hospital in time for Christmas but is not. She had hip replacement surgery on the 21st and should have been turfed out on Christmas Eve, but the surgery was more complicated than planned, so she's still in. Christmas without her at home was just not as bright. She will be fine. Recovery will be longer, but she'll have all of her mobility once she's healed. She is also tough, stubborn, determined and energetic. If anything, we'll have to tell her to slow down and accept our help. Still, we wish it was different.
  • We're not even halfway through our days off. Lots more time for treats and togetherness, to welcome Mom home, to see more movies, eat more chocolate, play some board games, do the giant crossword puzzle in Christmas Eve's Vancouver Sun (I promise not to peek at the answers if you promise not to tell me the answers), read to Alex, not shop.
question: what are the highlights and valleys of your Christmas this year?

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Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, sounds like a lot more blessings than downers. Hope your mom is home soon. We had a quiet Christmas with my mom (80 years young). Low key, good food, great Christmas eve candlelight service, and a Movie. Another plus was lots of pictures of our grandbaby.

Muhd Imran said...

A truly wonderful time of the year for you and your family.

Your Mom will love it when she's back. For now she'll have to rest and recover, and be mobile again.

Though I don't celebrate Christmas, the holiday here was great starting from the eve at the beach with my family.