Saturday, December 08, 2007

Pie Face

My friend Valerie, who I call Mary Anne (the reason why is a whole post unto itself) has been working at my office for 2 years. At the end of the month, her two year contract ends. While my co-workers and I fervently hope that we will be able to keep her, we have begun the celebrations and recognition that go with an ending of a work term.

Somehow in our discussions with Mary Anne, we found out that she really wants to be hit in the face with a pie. Of course we decided this must become part of her send-off. We have a lunch planned for next week, so that would be the natural time, but also the time at which she would expect to be pied. Pie-hits should be surprises, so we cooked a plan to pie Mary Anne on Friday. My two other friends, who I will also call Mary Anne (we are actually all called Mary Anne in our office) did most of the work, baking the pie, arranging a time when Mary Anne would be in the office and concocting the perfect ruse to lure her to her meeting with the pie. My job was to bring towels and face cloths, and a spare shirt in case Mary Anne needed to change after the pie-ing.

So our boss came to the office to meet with Mary Anne (part of setup). The two other Mary Annes made a loud noise outside the back door of the building by dropping a stacking table on the ground, then one Mary Anne yelled and lay down on the ground, appearing to be injured, while the other Mary Anne hid behind the door with a pie. Mary Anne the pie target rushed out of her office to help, saw injured Mary Anne on the ground, spotted pie-throwing Mary Anne but thought she was "a thug" and ducked to protect herself. The pie was launched and nearly missed our boss, who had come out to see the pie-ing. Luckily she was only grazed, and pie-thrower Mary Anne had baked more than one, so she grabbed pie number two and hit a bull's eye "SPLAAAT!" on our dear Mary Anne. All the while there was screaming and laughter for about 5 minutes without stopping. I snapped the photos, then offered the towels, and was reaching for the spare shirt, when "PHWOP!" pie thrower Mary Anne hit me in the face with the secret pie number 3. It felt cool and mushy and muffly, and tasted delicious. My glasses were full of pie, Mary Anne's face was dripping with pie and she had a chunk of banana on her cheek. We were tasting the pie and squishing it out of our hair and laughing and shouting and stepping around clumps of pie on the ground. There was pie everywhere! We got our Mary Anne. She has been pied. And it's always nice to be pied with a friend.

The pictures tell the rest of the story.

question: have you ever been pied?

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Carol said...

Only you and the other Mary Annes could've thought of this!

Great, great,

nerak said...


I have yet to be pied.Can imagine the wonder of a Boston Cream or a Key Lime!

Anonymous said...

I actually used to work those corny pie-in-the-face booths at fairs and festivals to earn spending money when I was in college in the late 80s/early 90s...I took the job because I thought pies were the funniest thing on earth, but after a few years of having strangers shove plates of cheap pudding and stale cream up my nose all weekend long, the humor of the gag wore off and it because just a sloppy, somewhat embarrassing, years later, I love it again and always giggle and get a bit of a charge when I see people throwing pies in the right spirit...I even volunteer for the odd pie throwing fundraiser again a couple of times a year :-))
I will say, from personal experience, you have to be careful about who you tell you want to get pied can lead to a lot of messy surprises!

Anonymous said...

Great lady's,
This is what I always wanted to do but I never dared.
How does it feel when you get a pie in the face?
I think it must be very exciting.
Maybe I must take the chance soon....


Anonymous said...

This is hysterical!!! I have taken several pies in the face and it is a lot of fun. Parties, carnivals, pranks... it is hilarious. Have you done it yet Shannon?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,
have you got a name?
Oh yeah, i really did it.
I took the chance at my sisters birthday!
I dared her to throw the birtdaypie in my face and guess...she really did.
It felt great, i had to laugh so hard, i almost peed my pants.There was pie all over the place and we had to clean almost the whole room.
But it was really worth it!

Mohawk Kat said...

this is hot... wow, so freakin sexy