Sunday, December 23, 2007

Little projects

While I have some time, I'm chipping away at a few things that need doing. Yesterday it was my car trunk.

These are the before, after and re-loaded photos:

1) before (speaks for itself)
2) after (see note below)
3) loaded (with towels and mugs brought to me by a friend at the gym - these will go to our church's downtown east side mission where they need an endless supply of towels and mugs)

Note re: After

So what is okay to carry around in your trunk? It struck me that if I did not have a car I would have only that shoulder bag in which to carry the essentials. But because I have a car, I have an extra large metal purse and I can port some things around with me all the time. Here's what I keep in the car, even when it is cleaned out:

  • a first aid kit
  • boots, a coat, an extra t shirt
  • umbrella
  • motor oil, small took kit, ice scrapers
  • flash light
  • blanket
  • plastic table cloth (good ground cover for a picnic or otherwise)
  • a couple of plastic grocery bags
  • reusable cloth grocery bags
  • shoulder bag with work papers - I have weaned myself off actually carrying this every day in and out of the office, but keep it in my car in case I need any of the contents (I don't usually need any of it)
question: what do you keep in your car/shoulder bag/other means of hauling stuff around?

mompoet - encumbered but happily so

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Pearl said...

You were a boy scout?

Happy Holidays. Enjoy your lighter feeling. :)