Sunday, December 30, 2007

so many movies

I have been gorging on movies this holiday. Here are my haiku reviews for a few of them

The Savages Synopsis:

we'll all die some day
in the meantime, life is hard
but worth the effort

The Savages Review

comedies about
dementia are rare but
this one is damn good

The Golden Compass Review

in a parallel
universe movies don't have
truncated plot lines

The Golden Compass Synopsis

a girl, a witch, an
armoured bear, a bad woman
and Sam Elliott

The Kite Runner

Afghani boy's life
betrayal, loss, then a chance
to be good again

The Kite Runner Review

real people walk from
page to screen in this finely
spun redemption tale

Juno Synopsis

Juno is sixteen
not yet ready to parent
can she know who is?

Juno Review

frank and funny as
boysenberry-flavoured junk
this film rocked my heart

So far so good. One more week to go. Lots more movies to see.

question: seen anything good lately?

mompoet - glug glug glug... ahhhh


Muhd Imran said...

I have not seen or heard any of the movies you listed here in Singapore except the Golden Compass.

Are trying to get tickets for New Year's Day, but it proved to be tough getting the time-slot online.

Have yet to watch "I am Legend" which has good reviews here. Interesting to read your synopsis on Will Smith.

Have a blockbuster 2008!

Princess said...

Check out "The World's Fastest Indian". Kind of cute but based on a true story and the hero is a Kiwi, which hits close to home these days! Anthony Hopkins stars and I think he did a great job. (A good movie to watch when you're feeling small).