Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The big holiday peel-out

We are all shuffling our feet getting ready to jump out of work and into the holidays. I have (specifically) nine more workdays before I take 3 weeks off to just be at home and enjoy the break with my family.

I have more than 9 days worth of work to do but oh well.

A co-worker of mine leaves for Europe for a family Christmas there next Monday. Another goes on education leave for 4 months when December ends. Another is finishing up a 2 year contract on the 31st, and who knows if she'll work with us after that. Most of the rest are doing pretty much what I am - taking a couple of weeks and returning in January - sooner or later.

This year the kids get out of school just before Christmas, then stay out until Jan 7. I like it that way. We begin with a bang, then the holiday is pretty relaxed.

Things to look forward to (in no particular order):

The Golden Compass opens at the movie theatre this weekend.
Shoreline Writers' holiday meeting with anonymous poems is soon.
We'll put our Christmas lights up on the house on the weekend.
I'm making lettuce wraps for supper tonight.

Gotta go chop veg and wash leaves before I leave for work, so all I have to do tonight is puff up the vermicelli and sizzle and season the fillings. Wonder if I have enough hoisin? better check.

question: is there ever enough hoisin?

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