Sunday, November 04, 2007


Art, friends, family. They do it for me every time.

My uncurling from a state of tight-wound stress began on Friday at work. I went over to the office of a co-worker for a short check-in meeting over take-out lunch, and ended up staying for a couple of hours. We got a lot done, but I also remembered what I like about my job - the connections I have with such good people, and the supportive and encouraging environment that we have created. I had this huge pile of work on my desk back at my office, and an imaginary clock ticking with a bomb attached, but it didn't matter. I felt back in my groove. I knew everything would be okay.

Friday evening, after picking up Alex from Karate and driving Fiona to dance class, and sitting on the couch for a while with Andy to check in on plans for the birthday weekend, I went over to Cathy's house for a glass of wine with the ladies. Cathy's mom moved home to Prince Edward Island earlier this year. It was so good to see her and to reconnect with my mom-friends. September and October went by so fast we haven't spent much time together.

Saturday, Alex and I went to the fabric store to get the stuff for Fi's Wendy costume, then to Sylvia's for a haircut, then we picked up Mom and Dad and went for lunch. The Eritrean restaurant wasn't open by 12:30, so we had Pho instead a few door down. It was perfect for a cold, drizzly afternoon. Alex went home by skytrain, and Mom, Dad and I saw "The Wars" at the Playhouse. It was very, very good. The perfect thing at the perfect time. I liked the spare staging, clean and precise characterization and the overall tone and shape of the piece. The play was about a young Canadian soldier in the First World War. It portrayed his experiences and relationships with his family at home and the men with whom he went to war. It was strong on emotion without wallowing in sentimentality or horror. It just felt authentic and good. After the play, Mom and Dad dipped into Sikora's Classical Records while I made a quick trip down to post-Halloween Dressew. I found a few bits more for the Wendy costume.

Saturday night, Andy and I went out for supper to celebrate his birthday. We came home and watched "Blood Diamond" on DVD. Wow. By the time we finished and talked a bit about it, it was midnight. OH! It was only 11pm. I love "fall back."

This morning we are going slow. I skipped church to cuddle in and sleep late. The kids just went out in my car to buy Andy a birthday present. Andy and I will go out somewhere - maybe the Vancouver Flea Market as he has never been there and wants to see it. The phone has been ringing all morning with birthday wishes. Did I mention that he is 50 today? We won't have a big party (his request), but we will make a nice family supper and pick up a cheesecake (his favourite) and some candles.

Tomorrow I'll head back to work and I know everything will be okay. I have re-filled the well with the things that feed my spirit.

question: what feeds your spirit?

mompoet - blessed to be surrounded with that which smooths over and fills up


Lazy Daisy said...

Definitely family....hope your honey's 50th was an event worthy of remembering. Happy Brithday Mr. Poppoet!

Carol said...

You know how to enjoy your friends, family and art...oh, so do I!

Anonymous said...

I broke down. I'm on Fbook.I'm under my whole name, karen garrabrant.