Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday without reading is ridiculous

I always read Saturday. If I have time I read the weekend newspaper. If I don't, at least I read a magazine and always a chapter or two of whatever book I'm in. Whatever chores or commitments I have for the day, reading is the breath that I take in between. And when I'm driving or cleaning it's radio or tv just to have something to listen to while I do what I have to do. Today has been very quiet.

Andy and I dropped Fi off at the Arts Centre early, went out for breakfast and did some shopping. That part was easy. We talked, and there was lots to see and do. We got home in time for late lunch. Then I began some housecleaning, in the quiet. In between tasks I checked email (I'm allowing myself email). Please, someone email me! I found myself hungrily reading the headline on the newspaper that I tidied away, and the captions on the cover of the magazine that still sat near my place at the table. This is really weird.

I wish I could say I got more cleaning done, as a result of not being diverted by reading opportunities, but I can't. I did get done what I needed to do. Just the floors left to sweep then I'll dress for tonight. We're going out with friends and will be home late enough that I'll only miss reading a few chapters at bedtime. And I got such delicious books from the library this week.

hunger, hunger, hunger

question: what would you like to read?

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Lynn Valley Girl said...

Should I leave a comment that you won't read? Well - maybe you will read it next week.
To go without reading would be very strange. I know how much I enjoy my Saturday newspaper and my monthly subscription to a magazine and of course, my escape into my book.
Good luck with the rest of your week. I'm glad that you can at least blog about your experience as you go along.
(I am glad that your nephew is okay after is awful fall)

mompoet said...

Hi LVG, I am reading comments and emails, but not other people's blogs or articles online. So please leave comments. I will read them!
ps Thanks about Lukas.