Tuesday, November 13, 2007

loaner baby

Bowen (about 18 months old) came over tonight while his mom was out and his dad took his big brother Tristan to swimming lessons. We had fun with him for a little more than half an hour. He can come over any time. We don't have any toys left in the house, but we do have some picture books, so we sat on the couch and read. Bowen also composed some abstract poetry in large colourful fonts on the computer (thanks Fi) and talked in a loud, insistent voice to the dog but avoided kisses (thanks Soleil). Toward the end of the visit he played with potatoes.

When I was a daycare-giver in my home, I offered the potatoes to the baby whenever I had to do something in the kitchen, like make lunch or load the dishwasher. Babies like to take the big plastic bin of potatoes and take the potatoes out, put the potatoes in. They like to put potatoes into measuring cups and baking pans. They like to arrange potatoes in muffin pans. Bowen had fun with potatoes. He tried to feed them to Soleil, so I had to watch out. Thank you Soleil for giving me back all of the potatoes. I know you would be willing to eat them.

When Tristan (4 yrs) came to pick up Bowen he told me that Bowen likes me. He also told me that he is not my neighbour. Only his mom and dad are his neighbours. I told him I like him, even so. Tristan let me carry him home, even though he is TOO BIG!

It's nice to borrow a baby or a little boy once in a while. I am glad we are a house full of teenagers and adults, but once in a while it's nice.

Soleil (49 in dog years) was somewhat relieved when that baby went home. I think she was afraid we were going to keep him.

question: what do you offer a baby when he comes to visit your house?

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