Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Worthy of some words, even on Wednesday

ABC Television and Walt Disney have produced a docudrama miniseries called The Path to 9/11. It's scheduled to air Sunday and Monday nights. The Democrats have pointed out some lies in the show, and the rebuttals include some interesting info. The miniseries claims to be based on the findings of the 911 Commission Report. There's a storm brewing about this film and its version of the truth. This will likely result in many more people watching it.

I will skip it, but I bet a lot of people will watch it without thinking. That's what TV is for, right?

question: why oh why oh why?

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mompoet's dad said...

Mompoet, your links are interesting, but another one, more to my liking, is where the page to read is the one for today, Wednesday, September 6, 2006. I think that what McMahon has to say is pretty important.

mompoet said...

Thanks Dad, I'm going to include the democrats URL in my post for better balance. I got the letter from McMahon in my email yesterday.