Friday, September 22, 2006

The Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee is not my Hero

Our City Council in Port Moody has struck a task force to work on projects around the Olympic Games - scheduled for Winter 2010 in Vancouver. Oh, I'm sorry, did I say Olympic? I mean "The Games." Oh! did I say 2010? I mean 2009+1.

The VANOC has declared exclusive rights to the words "Olympic" and "2010." Our city's group was ordered by VANOC's lawyers to rename itself and destroy its letterhead when it first launched as the Port Moody 2010 Olympics Task Force. Don't worry, the mayor says he will cut the letterhead up and use if for notepads. The task force has been renamed "The Games Legacy Task Force." Now the Olympic Committee's lawyer is busy pursuing the holdouts "Olympic Pizza," "Olympic Powerwashing," and a few homeowners who are unfortunate to have the address "2010 whatever street."

Several other proactive suggestions so we stay out of trouble until after the games are over:

  • banks can develop brochures to help people learn what to write on their cheques for the entire year of 2010, when it's illegal to write "2010." If you don't like "2009+1" try "the year that cannot be named."
  • Washington State can have a referendum to rename the Olympic Mountain Range and the Olympic Peninsula.
  • We can go on using the word "Olympic" but transpose the vowels to make it substantially different and annoy VANOC at the same time. This should be used in reference to the actual games as frequently as possible - "Ilompycs" or "Ylimpocs" both sound rather sassy.
  • We can go out and raise a ton of money for "The Games" and "The Legacy" then take it to the VANOC office and say "NOT THOSE GAMES! NOT IN A MILLION YEARS - OR AT LEAST NOT IN 2011-1 YEARS!!
question: did you ever hear of anything so stupid?

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