Friday, September 22, 2006

beautiful soup

Today I booked off work to be with the kids who have a Pro D Days (the teachers are in workshops and the kids stay home from school). We had a screaming hot Szechuan lunch, practice driving for Alex and two movies. Before breakfast this morning I curled up on the couch with Elling (made in Norway, 2001) which took my breath away and activated my laughing and crying mechanisms in turn. It is a beautiful movie. I have just discovered a pretty impressive foreign movie section in the Kensington Square Rogers Video in North Burnaby. A movie with breakfast is a wonderful treat. I will be visiting Rogers and bringing home breakfast movies as frequently as I can.

After the Szechuan we went to the multi-googolplex. Fi and her friend watched Barnyard. Alex was going to see The Black Dahlia, but I talked him into seeing Little Miss Sunshine with me. (I reminded him that going to see Napoleon Dynamite was my idea before all the kids at school had caught on to it). We both loved it.

I have to give up the computer now, but it's just as well I don't give the plot away in some awkwardly enthusiastic review. Just go see that movie. And rent Elling if you're tired of reading the newspaper with breakfast.

question: from what source comes such richness?

mompoet - wallowing in happiness

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Anonymous said...

Mompoet -

A note from a neighbour who enjoys getting up early on a weekend morning and doing laundry while watching a movie of my choice! One I really enjoyed this year was Kolya. Now, choosing a foreign film isn't a wise idea when you're running back and forth to switch laundry ... I couldn't do my laundry because when I left the room I couldn't understand the Czech being spoken!

Looking forward to seeing you on stage tomorrow.