Monday, September 11, 2006

the weekend

We're back, and while the camera is not talking to the computer I'll draw you a couple of pictures with words.

The place we stayed in - a house on the Sunshine Coast of BC - was the nicest we've ever had. Its foundation was on a big rock perched out into the ocean. There was a rocky beach, water view on three sides, big windows, a huge deck, hot tub, luxurious beds and kitchen. In a word, it was perfect. We loved it so much we raced home from farmer's market and shopping to just be in the house. Instead of roaming out to parks and beaches we explored our beach, clambering over boulders, finding sea stars and watching the birds and the boats.

The place down the road had corgis, two of whom appeared on our deck each evening. They surprised us the first time, galloping up on their short little legs, big ears flying. They were all smiles and hello-bounces. As soon as they'd greeted each of us they flew back through the woods to their own place.

We cooked long, luscious meals with stuff we bought at the local store and farmer's market. We ate more than we planned to. We ate pretty much non-stop the whole time, except when we stopped to talk about what we were going to eat next.

The bedrooms upstairs all had glorious views of the sea. I chose the murphy bed in the living room, never having slept in one before. It was amazing to open my eyes in the morning to a panorama of pink sky and changing sea. I was a bit scared the first night, all by myself in this big space, in an isolated house and surrounded by windows. I imagined someone creeping down our dark driveway in the middle of the night and stealing onto the deek to peer in the windows, but the corgis probably would have come over and licked him/her, so I knew I was safe. Just to be sure, I slept with 3 flashlights by my pillow. I didn't need them.

I brought Nelson the rat along. He liked it too.

We played all kinds of card and board games, and we laughed our heads off, and we missed our friend who couldn't come. We will definitely book the place again next year. It's a real treasure. So are my good friends with whom I spent this wonderful weekend.

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David said...

sounds delicious! good yougot in some R and R, now back to blogging....