Saturday, September 23, 2006

last ride of the season (probably)

Alex drove into Vancouver to Playland for his student driver practice today. He cashed in his skee-ball tickets from the whole summer and we took a couple of rides on The Coaster before heading home (one in the front for the best view, one near the back for the noise and the rush and the whip-around-corners).

Now that we're back from our California coaster trip I can say with assurance that nothing anywhere I have been beats this ride. In particular, the two other wooden coasters we rode in California (Colossus at Magic Mountain and Ghost Rider at Knott's) don't come near to it. Both rides were bigger and more complicated, but they lacked the grace of our wonderful wooden coaster. Our version is every bit as fast and swoopy, with lower-tech seat restraints so more off-the-seat time on hills. Most important, it's smooth. I think someone decided that wooden coasters are supposed to rattle your bones right out of your body to be good. They're wrong. Playland's Coaster knocks your socks off, but leaves your teeth in your mouth, your breasts in your bra and your brain un-concussed. I like it the best.

Nice to know the best is here at home.

question: what did you do on the first sunny day of fall?

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J. Andrew Lockhart said...

That sounds like a great ride to me! It's no good unless you wonder if you're going to live through it. :)