Wednesday, January 08, 2014

where I ate breakfast on tuesday

Alex and I went out for breakfast on Tuesday. When we go out for meals, we take turns treating. This time I picked the spot, and Alex paid the bill. I think we both won.

One of the sweetest places in New Westminster to eat breakfast or lunch is the Greens and Beans Deli on Columbia Street in Sapperton. I first found out about it when I was volunteering on election campaign. The coffee shop was just up the street from the campaign office, and the workers in the office recommended it as a great place to go for a break. I have also visited Greens and Beans when I have been visiting at Royal Columbian Hospital. It's a great alternative to the Tim Horton's inside the hospital, and just a short walk down the street from the Emergency Room entrance.

Greens and Beans serves the most delicious sandwiches you could imagine. I have witnessed a loved one eating "The Big Nasty." It was an awesome sandwich for a spice-loving carnivore. I prefer the soups. They are made from scratch, and there are always 4 or more varieties from which to choose. On Tuesday, Alex and I enjoyed the lovely and inexpensive breakfast sandwiches made with our choices of breads and fillings.

Greens and Beans is a family-owned and operated restaurant. You won't find another like it anywhere. It's friendly, cheap, funky, and nourishing. It's worth stopping by, even if you aren't working on an election campaign or visiting the hospital.

question: do you know of a special little one-of-a-kind place?

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