Monday, January 06, 2014

just write about cooking, mom!

So says our daughter, who has been encouraging me about writing again, who has always been enthusiastic about cooking. She is a fine cook herself.

My Mom subscribes to Fine Cooking Magazine. She gives me the copies that she has read. I love to read them for inspiration and entertainment. There's lots of good information, and many recipes that I would like to try. I copy the ones I like and put them into my Canadian Living Recipe Box online.

Last night, for supper, I made a recipe that I found in Fine Cooking: Panang Beef  Curry with Basil, with a few revisions. I was in a hurry, and this was quick and perfect. I didn't have any beef, so I used a couple of pork chops, sliced up thin. I think the recipe would work with chicken as well, or tofu. I will try it with beef soon! I couldn't find panang curry paste while I was at the grocery, but I always have red and green curry paste in the house. The red curry paste worked well. And I forgot to buy basil! This would not have been a problem in the summer, when I could just pick some, but I had to leave it out. Thinking back, I could have put in some lime leaves or lemon grass for an alternate herbal flavour, but it turned out fine without the basil, or any reasonable facsimile. The peppers and peas and onions were perfect, and I added some fresh spinach leaves for the green colour that was missing with the omission of the basil.

It was yummy! I ate some for supper before Fiona and I left for the movie. Alex heated some up when he got home from work a bit later. Andy had some when he got home from work late at night. That's the nice thing about a curry, it tastes just as good or better when you reheat it. I confirmed this, by enjoying some for breakfast this morning.

For dessert, Fiona and I saw Philomena. It was a great movie.

question: what do you like to cook?

mompoet - enjoying all of the flavours

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