Saturday, January 04, 2014

soup and pajamas and friend and family

I felt self-conscious today, showing up at the party wearing jeans and a sweater. Everyone else was wearing pajamas - mostly footie pajamas. I couldn't wait to change and join the fun.

We met this afternoon for our annual pajama lunch. Due to scheduling considerations, it happened at 3pm, and so was dubbed a "drunch," which is all about being partway between lunch and supper, but still being related to brunch.

Louise hosted this year. Robin and Emma came. Fiona and my Mom came. Unfortunately Maia was working. We hope she'll be with us when we drunch in pajamas next year. Louise decided it should be a soup drunch. This was an idea with which we all heartily concurred. Robin and Emma brought pea soup. Louise made beef and bean soup. Fiona and I brought curried carrot soup. Mom made home-made crackers and guacamole, which is what an avocado would be if it could be soup. We sat for nearly 3 hours, drunching and chatting and enjoying one another's company. It was a fine pajama drunch.

I am blessed to know these friends and family members who think it is a good thing that we wear our pajamas and make soup for one another.

question: do you have any traditions that involve pajamas? or soup? or other nice things that other people don't necessarily do?

mompoet - loving the drunching and the pajamaing with friends and family members who do so too

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