Wednesday, June 08, 2011

unexpected party

It's the end of the program year at the seniors' recreation center where I work. Groups and courses are winding down. We'll still have things happening over the summer, but several of our activities are taking a break for summer, to make room for the children's day camps that call our facility home in July and August.

The English as a Second Language students and teachers organized a party on Tuesday. I knew they were going to do this, and I expected to stop in and share greetings and best wishes. I didn't know that I would be given a place at the table and included in the festivities.

This had to be the most unusual and delightful surprise. We joined the group in singing songs in English and Chinese (well, we hummed along to the Chinese), and my co-worker Linda and I were called upon to make speeches (easy) and to sing songs for the group (not quite so easy). Then we all played a game. We had to pass a ball around from person to person at the tables. When the music stopped, the person holding the ball had to stand up and answer a riddle. The Chinese seniors heard and answered their riddles in Mandarin. Linda and I received translations, and tried to understand well enough to make a guess. Of course Peter, one of the teachers, made sure each of us received the coveted ball, so we had our turns. I could not make out what the riddle was - something about skin, hair and float, with lots of pointing to my arm. I guessed, "apple?" NO! with lots of laughter. "Say comb," Dina, the leader of the group told me. "Okay, comb?" YES! and more laughter. I won a pair of rubber gloves with fancy cuffs. Then I had to sing, or dance or do an act. So I told the story of Mr. Wiggle and Mr. Waggle, to save them listening to me singing again. I think the seniors like it.

We had lovely snacks, including some steamed buns with fish in the middle that Dina made for us at her home. We thanked everyone for inviting us, and were thanked by everyone. It was a lovely surprise.

question: what delights have surprised you recently?

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