Saturday, June 18, 2011

one more thing

My friend Irene send me an email the evening after the riot. Here's what she said about something that happened earlier that day:

I was in to buy some Red Rose tea from Fred at the Minimart . (I was thinking people are just going about their business and nobody cares) Waiting by the counter for Fred to wait on a woman, I said in a kidding voice to the young guy standing next to me, something like, "Well I guess you had fun tearing up the place downtown last night." He didn't laugh but started talking right away about how what they did made him feel ashamed. The woman started talking too and Fred was REALLY mad. He said I bet they just get a slap on the wrist. He said they should come from places where the cops just go bang bang and you're dead. He's from Iran. Everybody seemed to have it on there minds but people don't seen to bring these things up. I came to the conclusion that all the people "going about their business," have it very much on their minds. Somehow that was a relief to know that.

question: what do you think about when you are going about your business?

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