Sunday, June 05, 2011

my day so far

Waking to a room filled with sunshine and happy remembering of a good night out with friends and our team winning the hockey game. Springing out of bed to prepare coffee and enjoy apple, nectarine, yogurt and the granola that I made last night. Emails, facebook, cutting up a crusty loaf for communion bread. I leave early for church, knowing I have to pick up a round loaf for the communion service (none at Extra Foods yesterday). On the way, I realise I have left behind the juice, so I go to Thrifty's where I know I will find both bread and juice. Outside Thrifty's a rack of garden plants, including some gangly gallon tomato plants for just $3.99. I choose one and scoot into the store. The tomato rides in the pull-along plastic basket and I clutch the bread of life under one arm. Why is it always so hard to spot plain old Welch's? Cup of blessing snugs up in the rolling basket beside the gangly tomato. In the lineup a man is juggling a clutch of helium balloons and a bunch of things for the birthday party. His cellphone rings, sending him back up the aisle for a few additional items. The cashier secures his balloons to the checkstand for the time being.

It's beautiful out. People cruise the sidewalks in shorts and sundresses. Lots of dogs, kids, sunglasses, flip flops. Someone turned on the switch for summer, and we are ready. I take my tomato plant into the church and leave it in the lounge, to stay cool. I am greeted by the early-arrivers who are here to set up for the service. Svend is making coffee, Pat is getting the sound system working. James is plugging in the laptop. Julie greets readers. Now I'm taking out the ewer and chalice and getting Julie's special chalice from her office. Its earthy style belies an incredible lightness - must be porcelain. The bread goes onto clean white cloths on shining platters, juice goes into the ewer, with leftover to the kitchen for the kids to drink at coffee time.

Amy is leading a quick choir practice before the service. The singers sound wonderful. We are indeed a small but mighty community at worship. I finish setting out the elements on the altar table and go to set up the sandwich offering basket for people to see as they arrive for the service. Friends arrive and greet one another. I check in with Julie about the reading she's asked me to do.

At the start of the service we have announcements. I stand up and ask if anyone would be willing to miss Wednesday's hockey game to make sandwiches. Lots of laughter, and I know we'll always have enough people and enough food to make 100 sandwiches. Next, the lighting of the Christ candle. Jacqueline, Leigh Anne and one sweet little girl light the candle together. Funny how a girl can look like a tiny fairy princes, but jump down from the altar platform with the weight of an elephant and sprint like a rabbit back to her pew.

After the service and coffee time I drive home. My flip flops from last night's party are outside my front door, left there kindly by hosts Doris and Dave. How did I come home last night without my outdoor shoes? Inside, the kids are up. Alex's playoff beard is really beginning to look like a beard. Andy has already left for a day at the beach. Fiona's friend Natasha is visiting for the day. They are doing all of their favourite things from past years, except now Fiona can drive them both to the store when they realise we are out of mac and cheese. Jesse is outside with mom Kirsi, packing his gear into her truck for the grad camping trip. He says that prom and aftergrad were a lot of fun. Bowen comes out of his front door to ask his mom for help with his costume. I think it's a ninja. Chris says it's Darth Vader. Rhonda corrects us, it's batman. Bowen, five years old, specifies "Night Time Batman." He puts on the mask and I can see, it is indeed.

I make a big salad and a cup of coffee, grab Saturday's paper and head for the porch. Sunday in the almost summer, pretty sweet, so far...

question: what are you doing today?

mompoet - blessed

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