Monday, June 13, 2011

still working on the crow situation

Baby Crow (it appears that there is just one) perched on the fence right beside the walkway for a while on Friday, causing Mama and Papa Crow to intensify their aerial attacks on innocent passers-by. Our boss, Cindy, did some research on crow families, and found out that parent crows typically attack from behind, and that an umbrella is one good defense. Dave made a new sign, accordingly. I like the image that he borrowed from Alfred Hitchcock's movie.

On Saturday I went into the rec centre for a workout. Baby Crow is flying farther, so the trio was at another corner of the building when I got out of my car. I could hear a big commotion, but it was far enough away that I felt safe to walk into the building without my umbrella.

question: how long does this last?

mompoet - CAW!

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