Thursday, June 02, 2011

music night

Last night I attended the music concert at Fiona's school. Despite it being Game 1 of the Stanley Cup hockey finals, the theatre was packed with friends and family. We heard music played by two concert bands, an orchestra, a strings group, and two jazz bands. The concert choir and vocal jazz group sang.

Between performances, two of the music students gave us updates on the progress of the hockey game. At intermission they announced that our Vancouver Canucks won the game, beating Boston 1-0 in the final half-minute of play. HOORAY!

The musical performances were excellent. Each concert band had about 60 students in it. The two music teachers observed that participation in music programs usually drops off when students reach their senior year, but there has been a steady increase in participation by Grade 12 students over the past few years. When the seniors lined up on the stage at the end of the evening to be honoured, they filled the stage from end to end. And from the number of grade 11 students called up for awards, it looks like there will be an even bigger crowd next year!

The evening was a long one, finishing at 10:30. I left with Fiona, knowing that's our last school music concert. What an exciting time it has been, seeing these students from middle school up to graduation. Some will continue their music studies in university. Others will go on to other things. It was very special to be with them all for an evening of music and celebration.

question: did you play in the school band? sing in the choir?

mompoet - glad for the music and the students and teachers who make it

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