Wednesday, March 17, 2010

vegetarian fruit juice

A friend loaned me a couple of copies of Clean Eating Magazine. I read them, and noticed that the recipes and articles were great, but they had some ads that made me ponder - a fair number of ads for nutritional supplements and processed cereals and bars, seemingly at odds with the philosophy of the publication, which focuses on foods made whole, fresh and simple.

The funniest ad I found (or so I thought) was for "vegetarian fruit juice." "HA HA!" I thought, "enough of that pork and turkey fruit juice I have been drinking up until now." While I am not a vegetarian, I was perplexed. How could one fruit juice be more vegetarian than another?

Last night I did a bit of googling, and found out that many fruit juices do contain animal products. I couldn't locate an article, but the topic is discussed on lots of eating forums like this one. Now, I don't normally read eating forums (eating forums!?!) but the information sounds plausible anyway. I don't actually drink juice, preferring to chew my fruit, but I do find this info enlightening, and I guess I have to stop laughing at ads for vegetarian fruit juice now.

question: do you like your orange juice with bug dye, fish oil, sheep vitamin and marrow clarifying agent?

mompoet - eat a banana, ok?


Lynn Valley Girl said...

Vegetarian fruit juice? Juice really has animal fat in it? Even in Canada? Hmmm...I try to pay attention to food labels and like you, I get my fruit intake by eating fruit rather than juice mainly to avoid the extra sugar. My drink of choice is water but I do drink one glass of cranberry juice a day.

Pearl said...

woah, I never considered that as fish-risk.