Monday, March 22, 2010

salpingo (a writing exercise)

a Mediterranean soup made with tomatoes and sardines in a light broth

a nervous disorder, characterized by auditory hallucinations

a 19th century Mexican art movement

a deviated bamboo fiber stocking, designed to be worn with flip-flop sandals

a colourful shore bird native to the Florida coast

a burning rash caused by an allergy

a style of dance music played at celebrations in Argentina

a prayer cycle, observed by indigenous people of the southwestern US, for 14 days around the spring equinox

a drinking game, popular in the 1960s, played with forks, corks and poker chips

a new flavour of salsa

a scientific term denoting the echo sound of radar when it returns to the sender

question: do you know salpingo?

mompoet - I want to go invent the game now


mompoet's dad said...

The dictionary that comes with any Mac is useful. Been there (over 75 years ago)!

mompoet said...

Me too! Over 48 years ago, but you know that Dad. Also, I must clarify I am not talking about being in Mom's nose/ear tube, in case you were wondering.