Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the difference

A dog, wanting a particular spot on her face rubbed after consuming the morning meal, would not take the long way around the table. She would not pause, tail curling, to consider if a scratch on the chin would be worth the effort of approach. The spiral spine of your notebook would not catch her fang as she showed you how, where, this much. When you moved the book aside, she would not make pizza in your lap (her paws not kneading in that peculiar manner of tentative possessiveness). A dog, all shambling bee-line and tropical grin, would nudge her sweet snout between you and your book and say, "Howdy, give me some love."

question - have you noticed the difference?

mompoet - missing one, loving both

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Muhd Imran said...

Not really a dog person, more of a cat person... strange yet cute antics of a pet is always endearing.

Pets love you unconditionally... unless someone has an alligator as pet... then it really loves to eat you unconditionally!