Sunday, March 21, 2010

last of winter, first of spring

It turned into spring about 10:45am on Saturday. Near the time for change I realised that I was seeing the winter out with a cycle class. This was a good choice, I thought. I spent an hour in a darkened studio with 20 other people on stationary bikes, music pumping loud, pushing through an hour of intense work and sweat. We could have been anywhere at any time of year, but it felt tropical. It was a great class. I love the Saturday morning spin to kick off the weekend. Goodbye winter!

When I got home I showered, then asked Andy to start the spring with me by going for a walk. We needed to stay close to home so we could catch Fi and her friends at the Skytrain and get them to the latter part of a rehearsal in Port Moody. We walked up and down St. Johns Street. It's always interesting to look at the shop windows and see who else is out walking. We stopped at Smile and Shine Florist to pick up flowers for Fiona's closing night in Little Shop of Horrors. Along the boulevard, gorgeous white cherry blossoms made a beautiful canopy outside of the shop doors. It was a lovely stroll.

At home, before supper, we carried the patio furniture up from the basement and set it out on the deck. A couple of pieces needed to be hauled up with a rope because they don't fit through the inside of the house, but that's kind of fun, and another way of marking the change in season.

We sat on the deck in the late afternoon and remarked on the warm breeze and the scents of spring. Even though rain is predicted for Sunday, we'll cook barbeque for supper.

Goodbye winter, hello spring!

question: how did you mark the equinox?

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Pearl said...

we toddled about a florist too, and brought out our table and on our chairs to the balcony. spring hope.