Thursday, March 19, 2009

a note to the veterinarian

On Friday, Alex will take Soleil to the vet for her bi-weekly chiropractor appointment and a recheck by Dr. Maja. I have written a note for him to give to the vet.

Soleil - Since her last visit...

Soleil seems to be a bit better since she started back on the Rymadyl and Amantadine 2 weeks ago. Her back legs still collapse a few times each day, and she still stumbles down the stairs, but she is much more willing to go down the stairs, and she's climbing up them more ably. If her mobility was 3.5 or 4 out of 10 prior to resuming the meds, it's now 4.5 or 5. She still responds eagerly to the offer of a walk outdoors. We keep her on short ones (10-15 minutes at a slow pace with lots of sniffing and visiting) and we choose routes without stairs. She's eating fine, sleeping fine, and the new meds haven't seemed to change her bathroom habits in any way.

After her last chiropractor appointment she was a bit tender, as usual, and favoured her left rear leg, occasionally knuckling over on that foot for a couple of days. By Monday, she seemed to be on the upswing. Whether it was the meds, or the adjustment, or both, we're not sure.

At home, Soleil seems to be happy to be around her people and her sister-cat. She's still sparky enough to get into mischief, foiling the barricades we put up to keep her out of the living room while we are at work, and rooting out apples that are accidentally left in handbags set on the floor. To her, stretched out on the living room floor in front of the couch is the next best thing to heaven.

We would like to keep her in front of the couch a bit longer - heaven's getting closer, we know. So long as she's reasonably comfortable and able, we're game to continue with non-invasive strategies to help her through her days.

If you have any questions that Alex can't answer, please give me a call.

question: how is it we miss her even while she is with us?

mompoet - sad

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Anonymous said...

Oh Sue ... I saw Alex and Soleil last week and it reminded me of wonderful dogs I've had & miss. You are right though ... as she looked so happy to be out with Alex. When her time comes you will know and until then she will continue to have so much happiness from just being with the family who have treated her so well ... and in return this gentle soul has been so good to all of you.

Take care,