Monday, March 09, 2009

enough of this stuff already

On Sunday we switched to daylight savings time and lost an hour of sleep. We also got snow. It began mid-afternoon and continued on and off through the night. It's snowing lightly now. These photos were taken around 6pm Sunday evening.

question: did you get snow?

mompoet - I don't get it (or at least I wish I didn't)


Lazy Daisy said...

We had snow last Monday, and temps in the 70's this weekend. Talk about a change in weather! How was the play?

Muhd Imran said...

From the tropical island of Singapore, we don't get real snow, but only the ones that flush our fake foam-like snow at the entrance of a shopping mall every Christmas shopping season.

From all across the globe, the white snow covered bushes and roof still look beautiful.

Hope sunshine comes soon for you.

Pearl said...

more snow? you really are getting an eastern treatment this year!

thanks for the BD wishes.