Tuesday, March 31, 2009

and now, from the far rear corner of my right brain...

I just finished filing Andy's, Alex's and my income taxes using Quick Tax. This is my first time doing this. Previously, lovely Avril did it for us, but she has stopped doing taxes, even for her most beloved friends. So I, hater of all operations financial, tackled the taxes because I am smart and I can do it, even if I hate doing it.

Having completed the taxes, I turned off my left brain, and worked on a poem, written to a prompt, provided by lovely RC, facilitator of the Friday writing group that I attend. This may not be the poem that I share at the meeting. I have written a number of poems since receiving the prompt, and the thought may evolve to something different by Friday. Anyway, here it comes, right at you, from my right brain:

Sky Whale Breaks up with Elroy Jetsam

your kisses, like woodpecker bites
your crazy, upside-down smile
your fold-up gangle
rotten banana peel - suspended
how I fell for you, I'll never know

when we met, I offered my hand in friendship
you extracted a DNA sample
I opened to your embrace, raised my face to yours
and found you tangled in my hair
red eyes gleaming

"let's take it slow," I said, "just talk"
I wasn't ready for your gift of echo-location
pinning me to the spot in every conversation
"I know where you're coming from," you'd say
I wish you didn't

now your claws grip deep into my insulation
I can't extract myself from this embrace
sure, it's flattering
you flattening yourself this way
whispering, "you drive me batty" close against my face

fact is, you creep me out
who needs a freaky, flying flesh-rat
when I have astronauts crawling up my ass?
I'm going to take off
conjure lightning from the sky
blow this guano heap

cling if you will
call me hard-hearted
I'm going where only titanium survives
you and your bones and pulse and breath
will feel the rush of acceleration (mine)
the searing scrape of disintegration (yours)

you will fall from the sky
lost in the jetsam of
another perfect liftoff
watch the ocean rush up fast
no dead-stick landing for you
you're all ash and regret before I can even say it

still, in orbit, when the light's just right
I'll tell the guys I miss your smile

question: been there?

mompoet - glad to get that out!

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