Friday, March 06, 2009

Into the Woods

This weekend, Fiona is in a presentation of Into the Woods, put together by her musical theatre school. This youth theatre group has been rehearsing since September. I have not seen any of their work on this show, so I am super-excited to see it tomorrow and Sunday. I have tickets for a couple of performances, so I can see both versions. The show is double-cast with one campany, with each performer learning two roles. On Saturday, Fiona is the Baker's Wife. On Sunday, she is a villager.

Andy has taken this week off work to help with the show. They got into the theatre on Monday, and he spent the day painting and setting up the stage. Rehearsals in the theatre have run through this week, and Andy has been given the awesom job of follow-spot operator. I've done that just once, so I appreciate how important, nerve-wracking and fun it is.

Lots of people who know and love Fiona will be there for the show, so I'll get to chat with friends and family during the breaks, and enjoy them enjoying our girl's work.

question: have you seen Into the Woods?

mompoet - can't wait

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Lazy Daisy said...

I'm waiting for the reviews. I'm sure Fiona was wonderful.