Wednesday, March 11, 2009

break and enter

Someone broke into my gym locker at work on Tuesday. I went into the changeroom at lunch, just before my exercise class, and noticed my locker door wide open, with my lock hanging off the hook on the door of the locker. I thought at first I had left it unlocked last time I used it, but I was wrong. The lock had been forced. Luckily, I had nothing of value inside, and the thief left most of my belongings. Gone are one bottle each of shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. Maybe the person needed a shower? Luckily, I had brought a fresh towel from home, and an almost empty bottle of shampoo and my deodorant remained, so I blew off my hurt and confusion in my cycle class, showered, dressed, then reported the theft. I think most of all I will miss my lock. I have used the same combination lock since high school. I have lost and found it a dozen times - so many that I put my name on the back of it because before I had a permanent locker, I frequently left it at the gym after a workout. My name has been on it since before Alex was born. Now it's busted and I have to buy a new lock.

We have a bait locker program at the rec centre, with warning signs posted. If a thief breaks into a bait locker, an alarm sounds, and we can either stop the person and call the police, or at least get a description and a security camera photo as the person exits. When the police heard we'd finally had a locker break-in (the first since the bait lockers were all set several months ago), they got excited and came right over to the centre. I felt pretty important, having two officers attend over the theft of a bottle of shampoo. When they found out it wasn't a bait locker that was busted after all, they were less excited, but still very kind.

I'm glad it was me, and not one of our customers. I'm glad I didn't lose anything of substantial value. I guess it's good that this is the first locker theft in months. I will miss my combo lock. Oh well, I still have my stapler from the first year of university. I'm not terribly attached to things, but I am very impressed when a simple object does a fine job for an extended period of time.

question: did you ever have your locker broken?

mompoet - victim of crime (small scale)


Rowan Lipkovits said...

> did you ever have your
> locker broken?

Back in my schooldays of swim lesson locker use I didn't have much spare change at hand (hm, not so different from today) so typically I would just bite the bullet and store my stuff in an unlocked locker (unlocker?) Nothing was ever stolen but periodically some queerly territorial swimmer would empty out the contents of my locker so they could use it (vs any of the wonderfully empty alternatives available), strewing my possessions along the bench. Lockers are a strange world.

Pearl said...

that is a pain.

I used the same combination lock for 8 or 9 years then lost it without being found. my fingers knew the combination.

in high school I had a camera and house keys stolen out of my locker (probably by the boy with the locker beside mine) but I knew the lock's combination. I didn't want a new one.

fun to get officers buzzing about for shampoo. the last officer I spoke to was born the same day and year as me. it was the first either of us had encountered that.