Monday, March 09, 2009

good show

I saw Into the Woods three times this weekend - twice on Saturday to see Fiona play the Baker's Wife, and once Sunday to see her friends in their lead roles on Fi's off cast day. The show was just amazing. Stephen Sondheim's music is complicated and smart and delightful. The young performers tackled unlikely melodies, multi-part pieces and quick, clever, tongue-twister lyrics with such talent and grace, it was hard to believe they were 12-17 years old.

The sets were simple and elegant, and the costumes were wonderful. All of the weeks and months of working on the show culminated in what the company's artistic director called "a shining success."

All kinds of friends and family came to see the show. Thanks everyone!

We are so proud of Fiona and feel blessed to see her doing what she does best and loves most.

question: are there giants in the sky?

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