Saturday, May 03, 2008

things to do, while by the wayside (see last night's post)

  • eat porridge and read the Saturday newspaper, then drink coffee and read some more
  • clean the house
  • go see a movie
  • spend time with friends - just sit and listen and laugh
  • snuggle with beloveds
  • bake something
  • pet the cat
  • walk the dog
  • crank the stereo
  • blog
  • phone someone for no reason
  • wear a sweater
  • walk in the rain with no umbrella
  • wish someone happy birthday when it is not her birthday
  • stare at tulips until they look like something else
  • paint toenails
  • make a list then don't do anything on the list
  • put fresh sheets on the bed
  • watch a dvd in bed
  • cancel one commitment
  • say yes to something random and unusual
  • find a penny, give a penny
  • leave yourself a voicemail at another number
  • make an appointment for a haircut and colour
  • ask little of self, expect a small pleasant surprise some time in the new future
  • be still

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