Wednesday, May 21, 2008

convergence of everything

The next few days are event-full for our family. Thursday afternoon, Fiona returns from 5 nights away in Kelowna where she has been performing in Peter Pan. Alex's Grad Dinner Dance and Aftergrad are Saturday into Sunday. I'll help decorate the school up for Aftergrad (a party at the school from 11pm to 5am after the formal dinner which is held at a downtown hotel) on Friday, then come back Saturday from 10:30pm-2am to help with food prep and service at Aftergrad. Alex will pick up his suit tomorrow (or maybe leave it, if it needs any last-minute alterations). On Saturday it's also the neighbourhood garage sale (250 houses full of stuff poured out onto the street for sale) and block party. We won't be selling this year but our friend Neana will come and I look forward to sitting a spell with her while she sells. She's a retired teacher who acts and does print ads and stuff for extra income. In between, she travels around so she always has interesting stories, and sometimes I update her resume, which lives in my computer. We won't see too much of the block party, what with Grad goings on, but we hope to make an appearance. On Sunday, Fi signs in to Performing Arts BC Provincials, then she's back on Monday and Tuesday to compete in the Musical Theatre and Vocal Variety junior categories. This is her first time to Provincials, which is a huge honour. She's representing the Coquitlam District Music Festival. I'll take Monday and Tuesday off work to attend. Tuesday afternoon is the final exam for my course, so if Fi's competition is over in time, I'll scoot over to City Hall and take the exam after lunch. If not, I'll take it Wednesday at the HR Dept. Our teacher is very good, and totally understands about family stuff. Then there's a term paper due Friday. So in between all of this stuff I have lots of studying to do, and term paper writing. That part is a bit of a shock, but I'm telling myself to just get over it and do the work.

So now I must stop blog-crastinating and plunge into homework. More tonight, less tomorrow when Fi's home.

question: Watcha got going on?

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Carol said...

That sounds totally overwhelming to me...

Thanks for even finding time to visit me, wow.