Thursday, May 01, 2008

spirited away

Fi and I finished watching Spirited Away on dvd last night. I usually dislike animated features, and I've never paid attention to anime. My only glimpses of it have been when the kids watched Pokemon when they were little. I guess I have been missing something, because this movie was wonderful.

We watched the English version of it that was released in theatres a year or so ago. It won lots of awards. I'm sure I missed it at the time because I ignore animated movies. I had better rethink that.

Spirited Away is the story of a little girl, Chihiro, who gets lost in a world of spirits. She loses her parents and her name, and is forced to work at a bath house to survive. The story has a dream-like quality with many mythical elements, and themes of coming of age and self-discovery. The characters and situations that Chihiro encounters are frightening, confusing and funny. Chihiro is a regular little girl in extraordinary circumstances, figuring out what to do with witches, dragons, stink spirits, soot balls, bouncing disembodied heads and a giant baby. Like in most good young fiction, the children are smarter and more brave than the adults, and there's danger, reckless risk-taking and lots of guk. I loved it.

question: is there a type of movie that you never watch? have you ever been surprised?

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