Saturday, May 31, 2008


The past week or so has been so packed full it was "do stuff then sleep" relentlessly. Everything was good, just a lot of it packed into an extended period of time, with little chance to catch breath.

Today is loose.

We have a couple of plans for the weekend, all of the non-demanding variety. Pretty much everything is flexible, optional and easy-going. This is a welcome change.

In case you're wondering about the concluding days of omnibus everything-ing. Here are the updates:

  • I finished the term paper and wrote the exam for my BCIT course. I think I did just fine on both. Our teacher allowed us to write the closed-book exam in teams of 2 or 3, which took a lot of the stress away. We filled in each others' "blanks" and validated answers with each other. This makes sense for a workplace course. It's rare at work that you ever have to decide or do something totally solo, so a consultative test-taking approach is good.
  • Fiona performed beautifully in Provincials. It was a thrill to see her participating at this level. The atmosphere was surprisingly uncompetitive. Performers came from local festivals all over the province. It was good to see what they were doing. Fi says she's glad she got to do it, and she had fun.
  • Alex took Monday off school to rest up after grad weekend, then returned to school. Now he has some final exams to prepare for. His commencement ceremony will take place on June 14.
  • I missed 2 days at the office with Provincials, so I ended up working a marathon 13 hours on Thursday to meet a hard deadline for an upcoming publication. I made it. I'm not rock solid on my accuracy, but the work is complete. I don't like to work that way, but sometimes, something's gotta give. Good husband rescued me from work at 9:30 pm or I might have slept at the office.
  • Alex and I shared the car on Friday night. I dropped him at work, then went to Michele's place to celebrate Kathy's birthday. We had a lovely shared-cooking supper on Michele's deck beside the big honeysuckle bush. Michele showed us her new jewelery-making workshop and gave us both handmade earrings, and Kathy a beautiful bracelet for her birthday. Getting together with my friends was a good beginning to a wind-down weekend.
  • I picked Alex up from work at 11, but he had to stay until 11:30 to help catch up with the cleanup of the theatre. It looked like a tornado hit the lobby. Alex told me it's not usually like that at the end of the evening, but a ton of people came to see the Sex and the City movie. It was fun watching him work. I took him by Tim Horton's for a doughnut and an ice cap on the way home. He was surprised that I did not want a doughnut and an ice cap at 11:45 at night.
question: do you remember being 18?

mompoet - grateful for a loose few days ahead

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Lynn Valley Girl said...

Our kids gets older yet our lives are still a whirlwind of activity.
Congratulations to Fiona with her showing at Provincials.
Congratulations to you with your course!
I'm sure Alex was surprised to see such mess! He works hard and is learning good work ethics. Congratulations to Alex!