Sunday, May 04, 2008

listen to your mom

Our son, who loves film and hopes to study it and pursue a career in film-making, still needs the occasional nudge to go see this movie or that movie. Of course he's up on the blockbusters, especially now that he's working at the movie-plex, but there are so many other good movies. There are some that we agree on and have seen together: Superbad, Juno, Fahrenheit 911, Sicko. I had to convince him to see Napoleon Dynamite and Little Miss Sunshine before they caught on with big audiences and were all the buzz with teen moviegoers. Today I got him to go see Young @ Heart with me. Of course he loved it.

Young @ Heart is a documentary about a chorus of elder citizens who sing rock and roll songs. The film follows the rehearsal period leading up to the start of a tour. The singers, with their band and musical director, work to learn new songs and develop arrangements and interpretations that fit just right. Interspersed through the film are hilarious music videos made by the chorus (imagine The Ramones "I Want to Be Sedated" dramatized by seniors in pajamas in a care home). There are emotional moments too, when members struggle with ill health, and when the group performs for a group of prisoners in a local jail. The story is told with real affection and respect for its subjects. There's frank talk of the same subjects that interest us at any age: life, death, sex, money, art, friendship, love. All in all, it's a beautiful movie. Alex shouted with laughter, and got concerned when I cried. After the movie, I told him that I hope he will make films like the one that we just watched - original, funny, revealing and full of heart. He said, "Okay Mom."

You may want to take your mom or dad to see it. I recommend that you also insist on taking a young person. They'll be able to watch Ironman or Forgetting Sara Marshall anytime. Movies like this one don't come around every day.

question: what do you do with the teens in your life?

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Muhd Imran said...

Should be an interesting and rewarding mother and child quality time for you.

My 12-year old is good in computers and programming. He has even become the first Junior in the school's history to take over as webmaster alongside the IT staff for his school's website from the senior.

Nowadays, he is the one teaching me stuff about computers.

So much talk with him are about computers and techno-gadgets.

Family is fun. Have a happy weekend.