Saturday, May 17, 2008

blank slate and a bucket full of chalk

It's the Victoria Day weekend. We have Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. There's lots to do, but no set schedule.

We began the weekend in our chairs out on the road with our neighbours, enjoying a drink and each others' company. All of our kids are older now. It wasn't long ago that we used to watch them play hockey and ride their bikes while we visited. Now they are all driving off in their cars to spend time with friends, while we sit at home.

Today, Andy went for a haircut then headed for the beach. I drove Fi to rehearsal then got my snow tires off, then ran some errands for her. I know that it has not snowed since February (well maybe March) but I wanted to be sure I would not be driving through the mountains. Now I am sure, so I can dispense with them. All 4 of them. I am cautious, yes. The errands went quickly. Nobody's hanging out at the mall or the dance shop because it's a perfect late spring day.

Fiona will go to Kelowna later today and stay for a few days with her theatre group. They will perform Peter Pan while they are there, and come home on Thursday. It's another chance for them to sing and dance and fly, and an exciting road trip. Neither Andy nor I will go this time, so she'll stay with a friend and her mom. I'll go down to her rehearsal soon, to bring her luggage and see her off. Then I'll have a nice long walk home, because Alex will have taken off in the car to go to work. It's a glorious summer day outside so I'll take my sunglasses and my camera.

Alex worked last night, and will work again tonight and tomorrow afternoon. Today I took him out for a sushi lunch to celebrate his college acceptance. He is feeling on top of the world - 18th birthday, new job, graduation, going to college. It's a very good time for him. Grad dinner dance is next Saturday, so he'll pick up his suit some time this week.

Mom and Dad got home from their Alberta/Cranbrook trip last night so I'll treat Mom to a belated Mother's Day lunch on Sunday after church. If the weather holds, we go to Rocky Point Park and enjoy Pajo's fish and chips outdoors. Mom's able to walk a ways out of doors now as she recovers from hip surgery in December, so this will be a treat for all of us. I know Mom will read this blog, so I'll tease her here and remind her of how I used to trick her into walking "one more block" which ended up being miles and miles and miles. I promise I will not do this tomorrow, Mom.

Depending on when Andy gets back from the beach tonight, we may go out, or just stay in and veg with a movie. I have a bunch of studying to do for my final exam for the course I'm taking, so I'll get to some of that this weekend some time too. I suppose at some point I must also clean the house. hmmm perhaps.

Monday night, I'll go to the Anarchy Slam at the Vancouver Poetry Slam. It's a "no rules" poetry slam that promises to be weird and wonderful.

Aside from that, the weekend is wide open. It will surely fill up with fun as well as time for relaxation. We have the luxury of making it up as we go along. I like that.

question: do you ever find lack of structure luxurious?

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