Wednesday, December 06, 2006

This sound that I love

I arrived 30 minutes early to pick our daughter up from rehearsal. I was pooped from not enough sleep Monday night, and here it was 9:30pm on a work/school night. I sat down on the stairs just inside the rehearsal room door and opened my book. Then I heard it: a small group walk-through/talk-through of dance steps - counting, stepping, repeating; intermittent blasts of Rockin' the Casbah from a portable stereo; excited chatter on the sidelines; choreographer's coaching voice teaching a bit of business to two girls in the front, a half-dozen female voices raised in a capella union - improbably beauty amidst this happy din. I closed my eyes, but not because I was tired. I just let it wash over me, this mish-mash of sounds of people doing just what they want to do. I heard the nervous, excited buzz of a room full of actors each doing his or her own thing but all pointed in the same direction, getting ready, a show about to gel, Aladdin about to be born.

question: what did you hear today?

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