Thursday, December 14, 2006

Almost on vacation

I have about 29 minutes more worth of work to do before I am on vacation. I almost finished up today, by going back to the office after suppertime, but I had to leave to pick up Fi from rehearsal before I did one last bit of essential office stuff. So I'll sneak back in wearing sweats and a smile on Friday morning and do the last bit of work on my first day of break, then head on out. Fi says I should do something extra Christmassy for myself on the way home just because.

One great thing (among many, really when I think about my work). When I logged back on to my computer this evening I got an email from the wellness committee with an ad for a new round of subsidized massages. About once a year, students from the local massage school come in and do employee wellness massages. We attend on our lunch hour, and we pay, but just $15 for a 55 minute ahhhhhhhhh! Once, I went in with a bad head cold and the masseuse massaged my face and scalp for the whole time. When I got up I could breathe again and I felt so much better. Another time I had just a back/shoulder/arm massage that made me feel about 4 inches taller when we were done.

The weird part is the setup - about 8 massage tables in one big room with low lights and warm temperature. You can stay fully clothed, but most everyone unwraps a bit. With just a sheet between me and my bra and a bunch of brothers and sisters from city hall, I'm always surprised that it doesn't feel more intimidating. But everyone's just into their own experience and there's no ogling that I've ever noticed. Once you lie down on the massage table you forget everything else.

Oooo I can hardly wait.

question - Did you find any unanticipated treats today?

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ps - Three WEEKS. Yes! I have 3 weeks off work. three three three!!!

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Imran MD said...

Good for you!
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!