Sunday, December 03, 2006

dreams caused by a second quilt or otherwise

It's cold enough I put quilt #2 on the bed last night, which resulted (I think) in strange dreams.

I am going somehwere important but my horse is sick. The vet comes and does surgery to fix my horse. The horse has an incision running the length of her body, now stitched up, but the vet says she'll be okay. She's resting. I think about the important place I'm going. I must have an offering for the important people so I decide I will bring them marijuana (?) I'm conscious in my dream that I have never smoked marijuana in my life (true in real life) but it will be good for me to bring some. The vet - who has morphed into a familiar friend from daytime life - gives me some. Before I visit the important ones, I go to the bank machine to get money to pay for the marijuana and the vet's services. When I get back I am concerned about the horse, who is still resting. I pry open the incision with my hands to look inside. The vet returns and stitches the horse back up again, all the while explaining that everything will be okay. I am upset with myself for just about everything, but my friend/the vet reassures me.

There are about 25 people in my kitchen. I am having a party. Suddenly I remember I must bake a treat for the Parent Advisory Council meeting at the high school, and make a casserole for the church supper. I begin cooking, but the people are getting in my way. Despite it all I bake a batch of brownies but then I realise that I have to rudely tell my friends they may not eat them, and also that I made brownies last time for the PAC meeting and it wouldn't be cool to repeat. Then I remember - NO! Last time I made biscotti so it's okay.

I am now making the casserole. Alex, our 16 year old, helps. I get upset with him for the way he is cooking the rice so I dump the half-cooked rice in the sink. Then I find out we have no more rice to start over again, so I'm scooping half cooked rice out of the sink and dumping it back in the pot and washing it, and trying to figure out how much water to add to make it work.

Question: what causes vivid dreams?

mompoet - more than tv or books or radio, almost all of the time

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