Sunday, December 03, 2006

I love advent

We lit our first advent candle at church this morning. I did the reading and Alex lit the candle. We began singing the carols at the front of the hymn book, the ones meant for the season of advent and Christmas. The colours of the cloths and Tim's stole changed to blue (my favourite). The church was warm and bright and filled with love and expectation. There was even a baptism and communion (which we have only on special days in our church). It was a wonderful, wonderful morning.

I'm beginning to piece together some more reasons why I love this time of year, and I think advent is part of it. Longing for joy and spiritual awakening, and expecting with confidence that it will come are at the heart and soul of this time of year. It's linked to the change of seasons for sure, and the associated changes in social life, body chemistry, work cycles, sleep and waking.

I think what I'm discovering is that all of the things that are happening are connected to reinforce each other in all realms of reality - our physical life, society, nature, intellect, and the spirit. When all of those forces come together the experience is deep and powerful.

And maybe that explains why I love the colour blue, and why I'm so delighted to have my birthday at this time of year, and why I am an optimist, but also restless, curious and inventive, especially now. It has be more than a coincidence. It is a coinciding of things bigger than all of us and I am blessed to have my heart opened just a bit more to what it means.

question: do you feel it?

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