Thursday, December 28, 2006

I got it too

Despite a minimum of smooching, careful direction of coughs and sneezes, conscientious hand-washing and a last-ditch defensive series of echinacia and zinc missile-lobs I have got the cold. Andy was sick with it right through Christmas - sick on the couch and in bed with a headache and coughing his head off every fifteen minutes kind of sick. I am hoping and hoping I won't be sick. I'll settle for scratchy, snotty and sexy-voiced (the only good thing about this bug that I can figure) . I will now go work on a jigsaw puzzle and drink hot water with honey and lemon.

Merry Chrissshhh-blzzzl-snchitz!

bobpoed - that's how I say id wid by node blugged

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Pearl said...

ooh, that is going around. gezhundheit.